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It was my introduction into television broadcasting that sparked a creative side I never knew existed. That network of stations (All American Television Network) sold (2000) but they left an impression on me that took me down a road I probably would not have chosen otherwise. Mike Harris Media LLC was birthed (May, 2006) from those broadcasting days more as a diversion from the corporate world and all of its friction. But eventually and thankfully, Mike Harris Media became my primary gumption.


I love this medium of telling our stories. We all have a story to tell and the truth is, each season of our life brings additional twists and sequals that deserve to be shared. A wedding day, for example is relived every time you watch it, but only if it was captured. And I believe video is by far the most effective way of doing that.


I have had the pleasure of seeing many seasons and capturing many stories behind the lens of a camera. From Alaska, to Montana, Wyoming and Israel it has been an incredible journey. I love what I do!



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